Headquarters: Ferndale, Washington

US Employees: 32

GSP Imports: Bicycles from Cambodia

Loss of GSP benefits delayed development of 3 new bicycle platforms – and the jobs that went with them.  Renewal allowed us to make those investments and hire 5 new workers, a big jump for a company our size.

Jacob Heilbron, Chairman

Founded in 1989, Kona is a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes. Most Kona bikes are imported, though it also sells a high-end line made in Tennessee. GSP allows Kona to increase its product variety while passing along the savings to riders.

GSP expiration cost Kona an estimated $1.5 million in sales and put its development plans on hold. It took nearly a year for Kona to receive a full refund of the $580,000 in tariffs paid while GSP was expired.

Following renewal, Kona invested the GSP refunds and savings into the business. Kona hired 3 new workers in product development and 2 more in sales while spending $200,000 on new molds, fixtures, and engineering equipment. Overall sales have increased by $500,000 since renewal.