Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

US Employees: 9

GSP Imports: Press brakes, shears, and plasma machines from Turkey

GSP savings allow us to stay competitive in the machinery market.  With GSP renewal, we have been able to grow our company while still providing excellent customer service.

Patrick Canning, President

For over 60 years, Fab-Line Machinery has earned a reputation for superior quality and meticulous attention to detail in the metal fabricating machine industry.  With GSP, Fab-Line is able to provide high-quality, low-cost machinery to American manufacturers while creating jobs in Nashville and St. Charles, Illinois.

GSP expiration in 2013 raised the cost of Fab-Line’s machines by $7,500 each. This hurt the company, which had to lay off one employee, and the American manufacturers that now had to pay more for Fab-Line’s equipment.

GSP renewal allowed Fab-Line to hire a new service manager and service engineer. GSP benefits are vital to Fab Line’s ability to stay competitive and grow its business while keeping costs low for U.S. manufacturers.