Headquarters: Greeley, Colorado

US Employees: 133

GSP Imports: Rifle scopes and accessories from the Philippines

We are aggressively building up our American manufacturing capabilities by investing in our facility and equipment and hiring additional staff. Without the GSP to balance our income and cash flow, continued expansion of our U.S. manufacturing will not be possible.

Mike Kinnison, Vice President of Finance

Founded in 1971, Burris Company designs, manufactures, and distributes rifle scopes, binoculars and related optics products. For many years, Burris has complemented its American manufacturing with products imported from the Philippines under GSP.

In July 2013, Burris committed to increase U.S. manufacturing in Greeley. Yet when GSP expired two weeks later, the 14.9 percent import tax prevented Burris from making the investments necessary to meet its new production goals.

With GSP renewed, Burris was able to make the investments for its domestic manufacturing initiative. The company not only provides more jobs, it provides better jobs: GSP renewal also allowed Burris to increase retirement benefits.