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Some Presidents Day History from the Coalition for GSP…

Written on February 21, 2011 in Brazil

…and Wikipedia.  Apparently, Congress first created a holiday for government offices in Washington, DC in honor of George Washington in 1880.  Five years later, the holiday was expanded to cover all federal workers, and for the next 85 years government workers took off February 22, Washington’s birthday.  In 1971, Congre...

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Tires That Just Can’t Catch a Break

Written on February 17, 2011 in Colorado

Ok, so that’s a bad play on words, but radial tires are one of the most valuable GSP imports.  In 2010, GSP imports of tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses exceeded $725 million, saving American importers $29 million.  Thailand and Indonesia are the two leading GSP suppliers of radial tires under GSP, combining for...

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And the Magic Number is…689

Written on February 11, 2011 in Background

That’s how many millions of dollars GSP saved importers in 2010.  Actually, our estimates say $688,834,642, but the rounded figure is close enough. Thailand edged out India as the country responsible for the most GSP savings:  $148.43 million for Thailand compared to $148.39 million for India.  In 3rd place was Indonesia, whose...

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