Today, both the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees are both holding hearings on trade. We’ll be tweeting out facts and figures about GSP expiration on Committee members all day and would greatly appreciate if you would retweet – particularly if they apply to your state/district.

The Coalition also will be submitting official comments for the record and would like to include brief statements (2-3 sentences) from GSP importers. The form below allows you to send us a few statements for the submission, which could focus on the costs of GSP expiration (e.g., we had to lay off workers, cut wages, etc.) or what you could do if Congress renewed GSP with refunds of taxes paid to date (e.g., we would hire XX workers).

Another way to think about it: if you had just 30 seconds to tell your Representative or Senator why GSP renewal is important, what would you say? We want to be brief, but detailed. So “we would hire 2 new warehouse workers” is better than “we would hire 2 new workers,” which is better than “we would hire workers.”

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