The other day, we wrote about the characteristics of the 572 companies and associations on the GSP supporter list. Yesterday, we added #573: Delta Brands in Larchmont, NY, which imports household cleaning, health, and beauty products from Turkey and India under GSP.

We’ve added 13 companies to the supporter list in June, 12 of which we’d never heard of or from. These “previously unknown” companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in tariffs since GSP expired. That begs the question: how many more companies are significantly impacted by GSP expiration – and how do we find them?

Sometimes we come across new companies in our research. The other day, we noticed that Mississippi accounted for 70 percent of dishwasher (HTS 8422.11.00) imports from Turkey since 2013. These dishwashers tends to come in under GSP or not at all, any without GSP the import taxes over that period would exceed $110K. A quick search of Panjiva showed numerous import shipments by Greenwood, Mississippi-based Viking Range Corporation. We’ve tried contacting Viking about adding its name, so hopefully it will be on there soon!

But sometimes it’s not so easy to identify importers. Take for example rubber hoses (HTS 4009.21.00) from Thailand. Iowa is the top state importer, followed by South Dakota, where account for nearly 50 percent of the State’s estimated GSP imports since the beginning of 2013! Yet Panjiva searches don’t turn up any importers in either state during that time. The task gets harder as the GSP import values (or shares) get smaller. So all we can do is hope the companies are contacting Congress directly about the importance of GSP – or that a Google search leads them to our join the supporter list page

Given the second situation, it’s impossible to come up with an exact list, but here’s what we know:

  • 570+ companies and associations have publicly supported GSP renewal
  • hundreds more companies (like Viking) that likely are hurt by GSP expiration have been identified in our research, but are not yet on the supporter list
  • hundreds or thousands more companies likely also would benefit from GSP renewal, but we can’t know who they are unless they contact us

So if you’re one of those mystery companies, please add your add your name to the supporter list. It’s free and the only way to demonstrate the importance of GSP to companies across the United States.