Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia

US Employees: 7

GSP Imports: Interior pine doors from Brazil

GSP renewal allowed me to hire two new workers, give raises to my five existing workers, and start providing medical insurance to all employees.

Alex Livingston, President

Summit Specialty imports 1 3/8” pine doors for single-family home construction. GSP waives the 4.8 percent tariff on imports from Brazil.

When GSP expired, Summit could not pass on the tariff costs since most competitors import from non-GSP countries. It not only delayed hiring additional workers, but also new capital equipment purchases, thereby halting the small business’ growth.

With GSP renewed and tariffs paid refunded, Summit was able to expand its operations and create both new and better jobs. Summit hired two new workers, increased salaries for existing workers, and started providing health insurance to all workers.