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Emails We LOVE to Get

Written on March 3, 2011 in California

Last week, we received the following email from a reader.  We’d never heard of/from this company before, but they were nice enough to let us know what they’re doing to push for GSP renewal.  They also serve as a great example to anyone else looking to get involved.  It was short but sweet, so I’ll...

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GSP Rocks

Written on March 2, 2011 in Arizona

Imagine a world with no wailing solos from future Eric Claptons….or ballads from the next Stevie Wonder…or drum beats from….this kid. GSP might not teach kids how to play their instruments, but it does make them more affordable.  In 2010, $84 million worth of musical instruments were imported duty free under GSP, waiving t...

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NYT Article on Stalled Trade Agenda/GSP

Written on March 1, 2011 in GSP

The front page of the New York Times’ Business Section has an article today on the stalled trade agenda.  It notes that GSP has expired “for parochial reasons, not partisan ones,” and reminds us once again that the entire program is being held up for just one company.  It goes on to say that: Mr....

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