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GSP benefits back in effect

Written on April 22, 2018 in USA

As of today, GSP is back in effect and importers no longer must pay tariffs on new import shipments claiming GSP. CBP will begin the process for issuing automatic refunds to products that claimed GSP during the lapse. CBP published a formal Federal Register notice Friday with details. Information on requesting refunds for products that...

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CBP provides details on GSP reinstatement, refunds

Written on April 5, 2018 in USA

CBP recently updated its GSP page to reflect renewal in the last month’s omnibus spending bill. According to CBP, GSP duty-free benefits will officially “restart” on April 22. Products that claimed GSP during the lapse will be eligible for automatic refunds. CBP will begin that process shortly after April 22. Duties will be refund...

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