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GSP renewal language included in omnibus spending bill

Written on March 22, 2018 in Illinois

Last night, an “omnibus” spending bill was introduced that includes the GSP renewal language passed by the House in February. If Congress passes the bill tomorrow – the goal since government funding runs out at 12:01AM Saturday – GSP benefits would go back into effect on April 22. The bill would extend GSP through December.....

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GSP Saved American Companies $79 Million in December 2017

Written on February 27, 2018 in Brazil

In the last month before GSP expired on December 31, it saved American companies $79 million on about $1.8 billion in imports. GSP imports were up by 17 percent – and tariffs savings were up by 29 percent – compared to December 2016. Total 2017 savings from GSP increased at least $136 million over 2016....

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